»Just a few hours left«. »Maybe I shall say goodbye to granny«. »I like her neighbours and the bike they gave me«. »I should ring their bell too«. »Ah fuck I forgot my mobile…wait…typically me…no…here it is…just 10 o’clock, enough time left«. »Which café did we say, was it at Figar or TroquET?« »Not Viennese both and yet, exiles for me«. (…) »Shall I take the bus or tram?« »We’re both aliens in time«. »I will miss her voice«. »There are not many people like her«. »Her voice is corresponding to her«. »Here it was, I remember the place«. »What was his name«? »He never made up his mind«. »A few more meters«. »Oh fine, my favourite waitress«. »Did I lock the bike?« »At least the keys are in the bag«. »Granny will never change. I guess she was already born as grandma«. (…) »How cute, she is in love, one can see it«. »This is a day I love«. »Her voice…she is a singer and doesn’t know it«. »Yes, one glass is fine«. » A few hours left«. »I could walk down there«. (…) »He can be such a silly goose and he knows it«. »Oh, yes, no…I’ll call back later«. »Will it be warm enough?« »I’ll take the other dress too«. »Waiting is not my business«. »Especially the evenings should be warm«. »What’s the time?« »I still wanted to see the show«. (…) »She looked gorgeous on Facebook«. »When does she post all her things?« (…) »One more meeting«. »Lipstick«. »How could they name their cat Fish, I love my neighbours«. »I would ask him to read a poem, I don’t mind his beard«. »Lucky Me, that I’ve done the call in the morning«. (…) »I like her music, she is a poet writing with her voice«. »She has really long fingers, I admire them«. »I’ll call her next week«. »It’s getting five, time to leave«.



Alex Matsouka

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